Dojo VR

During the development of FRS: Future Racing Simulator, a wide variety of environments are created to test various technologies and ideas. After letting a few members of the public try some of these tech demos, the decision was made to tidy them up a bit and let everyone have a go. Dojo VR is the first of these 'tech demos' to be made available to the general public. The scene was developed primarily to test the feasibility of Virtual Reality headset support in future projects. Dojo VR is only available for Windows PC. It will work with or without DK2, but as it was designed as a Virtual Reality demo a DK2 headset is highly recommended. The scene was  originally intended for use in a short animation, but was recently re-purposed. When using Dojo VR it is best to keep in mind that this is a tech demo and not a full game.   Dojo VR is provided 'as is'. There are currently no solid plans or schedules for updates / bug fixes.   System requirements Below are the lowest specification machines Dojo VR has been tested on. If your system is below these specifications, you use Dojo VR at your own risk. In any case please use the forums to say how you got on.   Systems requirments (no DK2): CPU: GPU: HDD:   System requirements (with DK2): CPU: GPU: HDD:   Download Links: Links removed while we find a new file host Installation instructions:
  1. Select your download method above
  2. Once downloaded navigate to the download location
  3. Right click on the file and select extract here (the files will be extracted to a folder called "DojoVR")
  4. Open the DojoVR folder
  5. Double click DojoVR.exe
  6. when finished press 'esc' to exit
  Changelog: V0.02 - 20/3/2015 (first public release)
  • Reduced polygon count for all objects
  • Updated most textures
  • Removed key from top of masters area (it is still possible to get up there, but the door will no longer open)
  • Removed mirror
  • Removed physics from spears and staffs (it is no longer possible to knock them of the walls)
V0.01 - 2/1/2015 ( initial release limited availability)   Known bugs / issues:
  • When using an Oculus Rift DK2 headset, it is possible to lean through walls and certain objects.
  • Collision physics for throwing stars is extremely inaccurate.
  • Kick bag texture is misaligned.
  • Wooden dummy only has collision applied to a single arm.
  • Some textures are incorrectly scaled.
  • Low quality shadows and lighting.
  • When standing too close to an object, throwing stars will pass through it without collision.