FRS: Future Racing Simulator

The Game FRS - Future Racing Simulator is a high speed, high octane futuristic racing game currently in development by Made 4 Global Networks, for the PC platform. While being a futuristic racing game, FRS┬ásets itself apart by being firmly seated in the simulator class of racing titles. Featuring a wide variety of vehicles, spanning 5 different classes and tracks from around the world, FRS offers a truly unique driving experience with something on offer whatever your driving style might be.   The Vehicles From the visual design to handling characteristics, every detail of every vehicle is being carefully crafted to offer the most realistic experience possible. Unlike other futuristic racing titles Future Racing Simulator offers an extensive range of vehicles from 5 different classes:
  1. Standard - Normal day to day road vehicles
  2. Heavy - Buses, HGV's, an other large vehicles
  3. Sports - The fastest vehicles permitted on public roads
  4. Super - High performance, track only vehicles
  5. Extreme - The highest tier of regulated race vehicles
Performance upgrades will also be available for every vehicle and can be purchase and fitted without leaving your personal garage. Your personal garage can also be upgraded to provide a more customized and comfortable experience between races.       The Tracks Future Racing Simulator offers a wide variety of tracks from 3 different racing disciplines:
  1. Circuit
  2. Drag
  3. Sprint